contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Fabulous Originals - It Ain't Fair But It's Fun Pt1&2

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Cash, Alvin - Twine Time

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Beverly, Frankie Raw Soul - Color Blind

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 S u G a R - Takin' Care Of Your Main Man (Extremely Brave 342)
 S.O.U.L. feat. Larry Hancock - This Time Around (Musicor 1472 1973)
 Sadler, Reggie - Raggedy Bag (Aquarius AQ8700)
 Sain Oliver - St. Louis Breakdown
 Sain, Lee - She's My Old Lady Too (We Produce WEPR 1806A 1972)
 Sain, Oliver - Bus Stop (Abet 9457 1974)
 Saint John - Stand Up (Baby) (ELY 2005) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Saint Vincent's Latinaires - Hot Pants I'm Coming
 Saint Vincent's Latinaires - Roasted Or Fried
 Salt - Hung Up (Choctaw 101)
 Salty Peppers - La La La [Contributor: jamiebuckingham]
 Salvador, Dom - Juazeiro (CBS 33680B 1970) [Contributor: DJ Clove]
 Sam & The Soul Walkers - Soul Walk [Contributor: Brian Phillips]
 Samson & Delilah - There's A DJ In Your Town (Black Prince) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Samson & Delilah The BOSS Six - Living In A World Of Trouble (King James KJ401 1974)
 Samson And Delilah - Will You Be Ready (ABC 10954) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 San Francisco TKO's - Herm [Contributor: jamiebuckingham]
 Sanders, Larry - Story of My Love (Sound of Soul 201) [Contributor: Josh B]
 Sandi And Matues - The World (Mateus)
 Sandifer, McKinley - Get Up (If You Want To Be Somebody) (USA 907)
 Santamaria, Mongo Orch. - Get The Money (Battle 45917) [Contributor: Soundbar]
 Santiago - Land Of The Leaping No No (Bam Buu BBR 2626) [Contributor: Peter Wermelinger]
 Savinon, Victor - Soul Makossa
 Savonics - Soul Groove (MTA 145)
 Sax, Bobby & The New Messiah - Out House 73 (Messiah 1000 1973) [Contributor: Jason]
 Scales, Harvey - What's Good For You (STAX 0126) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Scales, Harvey & The Seven Sounds - Broadway Freeze (Magic Touch MTA 16001)
 Scales, Harvey & The Seven Sounds - The Yolk [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Scary And The Sounds Of Sunshine - Sunshine Pt1 (Scacy HY2200)
 Schroeder, John - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
 Scot, Freddy & The Four Steps - The Thing [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Scott Brothers Orch - A Hunk O' Funk (Toddlin Town) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Scott Brothers, The - Side Tracking (Capri AL 10122 1973) [Contributor: Jason]
 Scott, Freddie - You Got What I Need (Shout S233) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Scott, Freddy - Pow City (Marlin 1604) [Contributor: koend]
 Scott, Moody - I Don't Dig No Phony Pt2 (Seventy Seven 116 1972)
 Scott, Shirley - Hanky's Panky (Cadet 5699) [Contributor: DJ Clove]
 Seay, Frankie - All I Want Is Loving You [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Seay, Frankie & The Soul Riders - Soul Food (Tropical)
 Second Amendment Band - Backtalk
 Seeburg Spotlite Band - Gold Miner [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Seeburg Spotlite Band - Twine Time (Seeburg) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Seeds Of Life - The Whole Thing Pt1 (Sedgrick 7002) [Contributor: Jason]
 Semper, George - Collard Greens (Imperial IM66203)
 Semper, George - It's Your Thing
 Semper, George & His Kingmen - Syncopation
 Semper, George & His Kingmen - Tijuana
 Senior Soul - It's Your Thing
 Senor Soul - The Mouse
 Sentimental Souls - Get In The Groove (P&P PP711) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Serrano, Dave - Ou-Wee Man (Stix 2001)
 Seven From Eleven - Strawberry Snocone
 Seven Seas - Pats Jam (Glades 1975) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Seven Seas - Pat's Jam (Glades 1975) [Contributor: simon gibbard]
 Seven Souls, The - Groove In (Venture) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Sexton, Ann - You're Losing Me (Seventy Seven 133 1973)
 Sexton, Anne - Color my World Blue
 Sha - Rae, Billy - Let's Do It Again (Spectrum SPEC120)
 Shades Of Black, The - Mystery Of Black Pt1 [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Shades Of Joy - LA City Streets [Contributor: Funk jrs Pa]
 Shades Of Joy - Music Of El Topo
 Shades Of Time - Can You Dig It (Better World 4357 1970)
 Shades Of You - Get Up On Yourself (J&J UR1411A)
 ShaRae, Billy - Do It [Contributor: Brian Poust]
 Sharks - Funkology (RCA 1776 1968) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Sharp, Benny & The Sharpies - Music (I Like It) Pt1 (Midas 303)
 Sharp, Benny & The Sharpies - Music (I Like It) Pt2 (Midas 303)
 Sharp, Ray And The Soul Set - Earthquake [Contributor: earthecho]
 Sharpe, Mike - Break Through (Liberty 55922) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Shavers, Elliot - Soulin' Back (Magnum 738)
 Shaw, Marlena - California Soul (Cadet 5656)
 Shaw, Marlena - Liberation Conversation
 Shaw, Marlena - Woman Of The Ghetto (Chess)
 Sheba - Jungle Fever
 Sherman, Joe And The Arena Brass - Fever (Epic 510085) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Shobey, El & Co - The Whole Thing
 Shocking Blue - Acka Ragh (Colossus C 116) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Shorty & The Junior Kools - Jamming With Shorty (OW O.W.R1007)
 Show Stoppers - Shake Your Mini (Showtime) [Contributor: Larry Grogan]
 Showmen Inc., The - The Tramp Pt1
 Sight Unseen - One More Thing
 Sign Of The Vibration - Last Of The Corruptors (Mack CM102) [Contributor: Will Holland]
 Silas - Pass The Soul (Jamo J 1006) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Silva, Rhon - Get It Right (Uptight)
 Silva, Rhon - Got To Have It (Uptight)
 Simmons, Charley - Do The Sissy (PJ) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Simmons, Simtec & Willie Dixon - Socking Soul Power (Toddlin Town 114)
 Simpkins, Darnell & The Family Tree - The Whip Pt1 (SCM 2000)
 Simpson, Sarah - I Kicked The Habit (Of Loving You) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Sims, Timmie - Corporation [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Simtec And Wylie - Sold On You (Cachand CH49236) [Contributor: dave castillo]
 Singing Principal - Women's Liberation (Flick 0050)
 Singing Sam & The Sparks - Daybreak (Honey) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Sir Guy - Funky Virginia [Contributor: mR_cRipPiT]
 Sir Guy - I Need You Baby (DPG 102) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Sir Guy - Let Home Cross Your Mind Pt1 (DPG 102) [Contributor: Will Holland]
   Sister and Brothers - Jed Clampett (Uni 55199 1970)
 Sister and Brothers - Yeah, You Right (Uni 55238)
 Sister And Brothers, The - The Jed Clampett Pt2 (Uni 55199B 1970)
 Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love (Mowest MW5041 1973)
 Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (A&M 1178)
 Sisters Love, The - You've Got To Make Your Choice (Tamla Motown TMG828 1972)
 Skipworth, Sheila - Look What You've Done To Me Pt1 (Enyx 1975) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Skylite - Boogie Butt (Rampart 004 1979)
 Slim & The Soulful Saints - Fish Head (Cal 200)
 Sly & The Family Stone - Advice
 Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music (Epic EPC4879 1968)
 Sly & The Family Stone - Stand (Epic EPC4879B 1969)
 Sly And The Family Stone - I Ain't Got Nobody (Loadstone 3951 1969)
 Small Faces - Grow Your Own (Decca F12317 1966)
 Smith, Bob And The BooKou's - That Thing Is Green (Boo Kou B&T421 1973)
 Smith, Bob And The BooKou's - What Do It Mean (Boo Kou B&T421 1973)
 Smith, Clemon - Brother Man Sister Ann
 Smith, Effie - Effie's Bag [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Smith, Helene - You Got To Be A Man
 Smith, Jimmy - Can't Get Enough
 Smith, Kenny & The Loveliters - Go For Your Self Pt1 (Flo Roe FloRoe F1112)
 Smith, Kenny & The Loveliters - Go For Yourself Pt1 (Flo Roe F1112)
 Smith, Lonnie - Move Your Hand Pt1 (Blue Note BN4811A)
 Smith, Miss Elsie - Watermelon Man (Open 2601)
 Smokin' Shades of Black - Grease Wheels (Stem 23)
 Smothers, Smokey - I Got My Eyes On You (Gamma) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Society - Society (Bet 494)
 Society's Bag - Let It Crawl (Warner Bros 7622) [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Solicitors - Music For The Brothers
 Solicitors, The - Do It Like You Feel It (Excello EX2317)
 Solicitors, The - Long Journey (Excello EX2317)
 Solid Gold Revue Feat. Ray Crumley - She's So Good
 Sonrize - Wine For The Party (Zorokothora 1001) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Sons Of Darkness - Black Ice (P&P 444A) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Sons Of Funk - From The Back Side (King 6398 1972)
 Sons of Slum - 16 Miles Of Plastic Ghetto (Gamma) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Sons of Slum - The Push And Pull
 Sons Of The Kingdom - Modernization
 Soul Agents - Mission Impossible
 Soul Agents - She's Blowing My Mind [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Soul Agents - The Iron Horse [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Soul Angels - Its All In Your Mind (Josie 1002) [Contributor: jimmy grooves]
 Soul Avengers - I'll Be Funky Till I Die [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Soul Believers With The Dapps - I Don't Want Nobody's Troubles
 Soul Bros Inc - Slow Motion [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Soul Chargers - Charge It Up Baby (American 7970)
 Soul Clinic - So Sharp
 Soul Combination - Soul Combination (Involved CS031 1974)
 Soul Command, The - Hook 'n' Sling (Soul Fire SF008B) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Soul Command, The - There It Is (Soul Fire SF008A) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Soul Company - Hump The Bump
 Soul Congress - The Playboy Shuffle (Bang B 563) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Soul Controllers - I Ain't Lyin' (CAT 2589/90) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Soul Controllers - Right On Brother, right On
 Soul Creations - Chicken Hut [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Soul Crusaders Orchestra - Funky Jive
 Soul Crusaders Orchestra, The - Funky Jive (More Soul 903B)
 Soul Crusaders Orchestra, The - Pretty 'Lil' Mama (More Soul 903A)
 Soul Destroyers, The - Armadillo (Stark Reality) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1 (Stark Reality 008A) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt2 (Stark Reality 008B) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Soul Diggers, The - Soul Dig Pt1 [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
   Soul Drifter - Funky Soul Brother (Smoke 0158)
   Soul Dynamic - Stay In The Groove Pt1 (Wand WND 11229) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Soul Dynamic - Stay In The Groove Pt2 (Wand WND 11229) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Soul East - Funky Lady Pt2 (Deluxe 108) [Contributor: Leon West]
 Soul Excitement - Stay Together (Pink Dolphin PD Pink DolphinPD105/6)
 Soul Express - Determination Pt2 [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 Soul Generals, The - Granma's Funky Popcorn Pt1
 Soul Heirs - Hot Links [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Soul Ins - Soul-In Pt1
 Soul Lifters, The - Hot, Funky, And Sweaty (House Of The Fox HOF1935)
 Soul Lovers, The - Shake & Finger Pop'n (Americna Playboy 1005) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Soul Lovers, The - We Gonna Have Fun [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Soul Machine - Twichie Feet (Pzazz 021)
 Soul Meditations - The Bird
 Soul Merchants - Dynamite
 Soul Messengers, The - How We Feel (Phil's) [Contributor: BlackMagic]
 Soul Ones - Soul Pot [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Soul Partners - Spead
 Soul Patrol - Dusty (Zuma Z100)
 Soul Patrol - Peter Pan (Zuma Z100)
 Soul Patrol - Sweeter Than The Other Side (Discovery) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Soul Patrol - Sweeter Than The Other Side Pt2 (Discovery 1226)
 Soul Powers, The - Soul Power
 Soul Purpose - I'm Gonna Sockit To Me
 Soul Rebellion Orchestra - The Queen
 Soul Rockers - Soul For Sale (Buddah BDA 158) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Soul Runners - Charley (Mo Soul MS 5103B) [Contributor: Eric Rice (Safety Pup)]
 Soul Runners - Green Thumb
 Soul Runners - Grits N Corn Bread (Mo Soul MS101) [Contributor: Eric Rice (Safety Pup)]
 Soul Runners - Last Date [Contributor: Scott Craig]
 Soul Saints - Augusta Georgia (Here I Come)
 Soul Saints - Bag Of Soul
 Soul Saints - Working On The Line
 Soul Saints Orch. - Into Space & Time
 Soul Seachers - Think (Sussex 253 1973) [Contributor: axis]
 Soul Searchers - Think (About It) [Contributor: Eric Rice (Safety Pup)]
 Soul Searchers, The - We The People Pt2 (Sussex 236) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Soul Senders - Destination Soul
 Soul Senders - Soul Brothers Testify Pt2 (Anla AL 1022)
 Soul Seranaders - Chicken And Rice
 Soul Set - Pin The Tail On The Donkey (B B 4006)
 Soul Setters - Can You Dig It [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Soul Setters - Potatoes [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Soul Setters, The - Out O' Sight (Onacrest 3058B)
 Soul Seven - Mr Chicken Shit
 Soul Seven - South Side Funk Pt2 (Stones Throw STH7011)
 Soul Seven - The Cissy's Thang
 Soul Smokers - Soul Smokin'
 Soul Smoochers - Black Pepper
 Soul Suspects - Funky Drop (Black Prince BP 319)
 Soul Suspects - Handle It
 Soul Swingers - Ca'-Ba'-Dab'
 Soul Tornados - Crazy Legs
 Soul Tornados - Funky Thang
 Soul Tornados - Go For Yourself (Burt 4000 1969)
 Soul Tornados - Hotpants Breakdown (Magic City MC014)
 Soul Unlimited - Dark Side Of Town [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 Soul Unlimited - Do It (Tomahawk) [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Soul Unlimited - Sagittarius (Bruboon 503) [Contributor: Jason]
 Soul Unlimited - Smoke (Flame 9005) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Soul Vibrations - The Dump
 Soulistics, The - The Row Pt2 (Al Pa AlPa) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Souls Unlimited - The Raving Vampire Pt1 (Wigwam WW333)
 Soulsistics - Jones 'N (Liberation) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Soultors - Stone Cold Pt2 (Timmion 302)
 Sound Experience - 40 Acres And A Mule
 Sounds Of Black - Sounds Of Black Pt2 (Lakeside LS 1931) [Contributor: Peter Wermelinger]
 Sounds Of Soul Combo - A Camel's Walk [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Sounds Of The City - Stuff And Thangs [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 South Side Movement - I' Been Watchin' You (Wand 11251 1972) [Contributor: axis]
 South Street Soul Guitars, The - Poppin Popcorn [Contributor: Aaron D. Anderson]
 South Suburan Strings - Libras Really Do Run It (Nickel 1004) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Southshore Commission - Right On Brother Pt1 (Atlantic 2684 1969)
 Southshore Commission - Right On Brother Pt2 (Atlantic 2684 1969)
 Sparks, Melvin - Get Down With the Get Down (Eastbound E628 1974)
 Speck And The G.H. Outlaw Gang - I Wonder About Myself [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 Speedometer - Soul Safari (Soul Fire SF 004 2000) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Speedometer - Two Beat Beast (Soul Fire SF 004 2000) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Spencer Mac - Blues Up In Down Town (Penny Farthing 723 1970) [Contributor: MARIO ALDINI]
 Spencer, Eddie - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
 Spencer, James - Take This Woman Off The Corner
 Spitting Image - JB's Latin (Masai 99981)
 Spitting Image - Spitting Image (Masai 99981) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Split Decision Band - Watchin' Out
 Spooners Crowd - Two In The Morning [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Spurling, Charles - Popcorn Charlie (King 6267) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 St 4 - Funky (Scepter 12369) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Stan And The Man - (Muscle Man) Does The Football (B and G 7750) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Stanback, Jean - If I Ever Needed Love (Deep Soul DS9101B 1969)
 Stancell, George & The Fabulous Musicians - Git It (Palos 1209) [Contributor: Peter Wermelinger]
 Staple Singers, The - Respect Yourself (STAX 2025068A 1971)
 Stark Reality, The - Prelude To Say Brother (Big Yellow)
 Stark Reality, The - Say Brother (Big Yellow 4563) [Contributor: Jason]
 Starr, Edwin - Cloud Nine (Gordy 7101) [Contributor: cudasoul]
 Starr, Edwin - Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On (Gordy 7107) [Contributor: cudasoul]
 Stephens, Tenison - Don't Rip Me Off (Aries A5007) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Steve Soul - James Brown A Talk With The News (King 6216 1969) [Contributor: MARIO ALDINI]
 Steve Soul - Popcorn With A Feeling (Federal) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Stevens, Flip Flop - (Come On) Let's Do That Thing Pt1 (Shiptown 010A) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 Steward, Jimmie Jr - LEO Pt2 (Rino K001)
 Stewart, Tommy - Bump & Hustle Music
 Sticks Of Dynamite - It's Football Baby (Saxton 371)
 Stone, Bob & His Band - Foxy Little Mamma (Jive 1047)
 Storyrville Jazz Band - Y'er Comes The Funky Man
 Stovall Sisters - Hang On In There (Reprise 1028)
 Strong, Zeke & The Ladyetts - I Laugh & Talk (But I Don't Play) (Miss Lady 419)
 Sugar Pie Di Santo - Do The Whoopie (Brunswick 55349) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 Sugarman Three - Cherry Pickin' (Desco DS1015A 1999)
 Sugarman Three - Funky Moon (Soul Fire SF014A) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Sugarman Three - Solid Funk (Soul Fire SF014B) [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Sugarman Three - Turtle Walk (Desco DS1015B 1999)
 Sunliner Band - Soul Power (Key Loc KL KeyLoc KL-1013) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Sunny - Get Down (Key loc Keyloc KL1059B) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Sunny & The Sunliners - Get Down [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Sunrise Movement - Clockwise Revolution (Ghetto Productions G001)
 Super Soul Movement, The - Bad Bad Bad Pt1 [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 Superiors Band And Their Sould Singers - The Lady Pt1 (Barvis 319)
 Superiors Band, The & Their Soul Singers - The Lady Pt2 (Barvis 319) [Contributor: John Item (Australia)]
 Surveyors - Hello! Y'all (Pow Wee 101 1969)
 Suspisions, The - Soul Beat (Magic Touch) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Sweet Bobby & Honey Boy - Tell The Truth (Sound O Riffic) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Sweet Charles - Soul Man [Contributor: simon gibbard]
 Sweet Cherries, The - Don't Give It Away (T Neck 904) [Contributor: John Item (Australia)]
 Sweet Les - Sweet Potato, Collard Greens (PIP 8937 1972)
 Swift, Joe's Internationals - Boo Ga Loo Party (Onacrest OC 501) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Swindell, Earl - You Have Come Into My Life (Enrica 1022 1974)
 Swinging 7 Soul Band - Soul Pusher
 Sykes, Lee - Lock Jaw

Esquires Now, The - Have A Party

House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free Pt1

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Garvin, Rex & The Mightycravers - Strange Happenings


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