contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Fabulous Originals - It Ain't Fair But It's Fun Pt1&2

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Phillip Lehman (37)
Florian Keller (36)
Malcolm Catto (33)

Cash, Alvin - Twine Time

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Beverly, Frankie Raw Soul - Color Blind

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 Wade, Jake & The Soul Searchers - Searching For The Soul Pt1&2 (Mutt AR872)
 Waiters, Gene - Shake And Shingaling Pt1 (Fairmount F1018A) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Waiters, Gene - Shake And Shingaling Pt2 (Fairmount F1018B) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Waiters, LJ - If You Ain't Gettin' Your Thing Pt2 (LA Shawn RM527AS) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Wales, Howard - Huxleys Howl (Costal) [Contributor: James Trouble]
 Wales, Howard - South Side Strut (Douglas 7) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Walker, David T - Press On (Ode ODE 66037 1973) [Contributor: Ed Griffiths]
 Walker, Gloria & The Chevelles - You Hit The Spot (Flaming Arrow 37) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Walker, Gloria And The Chevelles - You Hit The Spot Baby [Contributor: earthecho]
 Walker, Johnny - Love At First Taste
 Wallace Brothers - What-cha Feel Is What-cha Get (Walbro)
 Wallace, Sid Sidney & The Belairs - Green Power (Zudan Z5015)
 Wallace, Sid Sidney & The Belairs - The Grinder (Zudan 5015) [Contributor: John Item (Australia)]
 Ward, Roy - Horse With A Freeze Pt1 (Seven B 7020) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 Warm Excursion - Funk-i-tus (Watts USA Watts U.S.A.052)
 Warm Excursion - Hang Up Pt1&2 (Pzazz 039)
 Warren, U.S. & The Genghis Pea - Hard Headed Woman (Chytowns) [Contributor: Scott Craig]
 Washington, Gino - Foxy Walk (ATAC) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Washington, Jerry - Baby Don't Leave Me (Excello) [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Washington, Jerry - In My Life I've Loved (Top Pop 2661 1972) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Washington, Joe - Blueberry Hill (West Sounds BDA4794)
 Washington, Walter - Goody Man
 Washington, Walter - Mary Jane
 Washington, Walter & The Soul Powers With Smokey Johnson - Soul Power
 Waters, Freddie - I've Got A Good Love (Tee Jay TJ 8700)
 Watkins, Bobby - Soul On Ice (Bay Town BayTown 014) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Watson And The Sherlocks - Standing On The Corner (Label: Soulville) [Contributor: djsoulcracker]
 Watson, Cresa - Dead
 Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - Charley [Contributor: Eric Rice (Safety Pup)]
 Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - 65 Bars And A Taste Of Soul
 Wayne, Bobby - You're Blowing My Mind [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 We The People - Break Down (DaveL DMCS 1001A 1975)
 Wee Willie & B Clark - There She Blows
 Wee Willie & The Winners - Get Some (Shotgun SG1002 1973)
 Wee Willie & The Winners - Here Comes The Funky Man [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Wee Willie & The Winners - I Don't Know What You Want But I Know What You Need Pt1 (Shotgun SG 1003A 1974)
 Wee Willie & The Winners - I Don't Know What You Want But I Know What You Need Pt2 (Shotgun SG1003 1974)
 Wells, Jean - With My Love And What You've Got (Calla) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Wells, Junior - Watch Me Move
 Wells, Kenneth - Contagious
 Wells, Melvin - Cry Of The Ghetto Pt2 [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 Wesley, Fre & The J.B's - Doing It To Death (People PE 621A 1973)
 Wess & The Airdales - Black Out (Durium)
 Wess & The Airedales - Crazy (Durium 9297) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Wess And The Airedales - I'll Never Turn My Back On You (Durium 9259)
 West Coast Connection - Get The Funk Up (Polar Bear KKL 0313) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 West, CL - Bumping Man (Duplex) [Contributor: paul romans]
 West, James - Hanging Out [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 West, Willie - Hello Mama (Deesu) [Contributor: Nate Wheeler]
 Westbrook, Lynn - African Strut (Esprit E29446)
 Weston, Kim - Brothers And Sisters (Get Together) (Volt 6014 1971)
 Weston, Kim - Danger Hearbreak Ahead [Contributor: Eric Rice (Safety Pup)]
 Wheeler, Clarence & The Enforcers - Right On
 White, Andrew - Who Got De Funk
 White, E.T. And His Great Potential Band - Loosen Up (Great Potential RI2962A) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 White, Helen - Love Is What You Make It [Contributor: James Trouble]
 Whitefield Bros. - Choking On A Piece Of Meat Pt2
 Whitefield Bros. - Fifty Yards Of Soul
 Whitefield Bros. - The Donkey
 Whitefield Brothers, The - Chokin' (Label: Soul Fire) [Contributor: djsoulcracker]
 Whitehead. Charlie - Let's Do It Again
 Whitney, Marva - Daddy Sugar Bear (Excello EX 2321)
 Whitney, Marva - Get Out Of My Life (King 456249 1969)
 Whitney, Marva - Giving Up On Love
 Whitney, Marva - He's The One (King 456283 1970)
 Whitney, Marva - I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You Pt1 (King 456268 1969)
 Whitney, Marva - I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You Pt2 (King 456249 1969)
 Whitney, Marva - I'm Tired, I'm Tired, I'm Tired (Things Better Change Before It's Too Late) (King 6193 1968)
 Whitney, Marva - It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who to Sock It To) (King 6229 1969)
 Whitney, Marva - Saving My Love For My Baby (Federal 4512545 1967)
 Whitney, Marva - Things Got To Get Better (King 456249 1969)
 Whitney, Marva - This Girl's In Love With You (King 456283 1970)
 Whitney, Marva - Tit For Tat (Ain't No Taking Back) (King 456206 1968)
 Whitney, Marva - Unwind Yourself (King 6146 1967)
 Whitney, Marva - What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You (King 6202 1968)
 Whitney, Marva - What Kind Of Man [Contributor: fryer_motherfunk]
 Whitney, Marva - You Got to Have a Job (If you Don't Work-You Don't Eat) (King 6218 1969)
 Whitney, Marva - Your Love Was good For Me (Federal 4512545 1967)
 Whitney, Marva & Ellis (Gripey) Taylor - We Need More (But Somebody Gotta Sacrifice) (Excello EX 2321)
 Whitney, Marva And Melvin - (Get Ready) For The Changes
 Wilburn, York & The Psychedellic Six - Psychedellic Hot Pants
 Wilburn, York's Psychadelic Six - Thank You (True Soul TS003) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Wild Honey - Straighten Up [Contributor: Daisuke Kuroda]
 Williams, Alex & His Soul Messengers - Hail To Guyana Instr (Alex 1001) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Williams, Andre - Hard Hustling
 Williams, Andre - Humpin', Bumpin' And Thumpin'! (Checker 1187 1967)
 Williams, Andre - Rib Tip's Pt1 (Avin A103)
 Williams, Andre - Rib Tip's Pt2 (Avin A103)
 Williams, Bobby - Funky Superfly Pt1 (MTVH 3737A 1974)
 Williams, Bobby - Funky Superfly Pt2 (MTVH 3737B 1974)
 Williams, Bobby - Let's Work A While (Normar 4242568) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Williams, Bobby - Soul Brother Party Pt1 (R&R RR 100A 1974)
 Williams, Bobby & His Mar - Kings - Let's Jam (Normar NO 2569) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Williams, Brother - Cold Sweat [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Williams, Esther - Last Night Changed It All (I Really Had A Ball)
 Williams, Frank - Git It (Octavia 0006B) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Williams, Frank - You Got To Be A Man (Deep City 2369)
 Williams, Frank & Little Beaver - Soul Stuff [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Williams, Frank Rocketeers - Good Thing Pt1 (Lloyd 008A) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Williams, Frank Rocketeers - Good Thing Pt2 (Lloyd 008)
 Williams, Gene - Whatever You Do, Do It Good (Forte 1111)
 Williams, Gloria - Sister Funk (Downtown 002)
 Williams, Herbie - Funky From The GitGo [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Williams, Jeanette - Stuff (Action ACT4534) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Williams, Johnny - Breaking Point (Twinight 105)
 Williams, Lloyd - Be Mine Tonight (1715A) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Williams, Mary Lou - The Credo (Mary MA6) [Contributor: primitive sound system]
 Williams, Ricky - Discotheque Soul Pt1 (Ebony Sounds LC304A) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Williams, Sebastian - Get Your Point Over (Ovide LH7128) [Contributor: Jason]
 Williams,Joyce - The First Thing I Do In The Morning (Nickel NIC2)
 Willie J & Co - Boogie With Your Baby
 Willis, Chick - Mother Fuyer [Contributor: earthecho]
 Willis, Gene - Shing A Ling's The Thing (Coronado) [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Willis, Gene & The Aggregation - We Got It (Coronado 139)
 Willis, Jimmie - Soul Power
 Willis, P - Funky Music Is The Thing
 Willis, Slim Band - I Sayed That (Reginald) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
  Wills, Viola - Sweetback (Supreme SUP0002)
 Wills, Viola - Sweetback (Supreme 0002) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Wilmer & The Dukes - Give Me One More Chance [Contributor: John Menage]
 Wilmer And The Dukes - get It
 Wilson, Eddie - Shingaling Stroll [Contributor: simon gibbard]
 Wilson, Freddie - What Would It Be Like Pt1&2
 Wilson, Jackie - Shaka A Leg (Brunswick 55504) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Wilson, Rueben - Got To Get Your Own
 Wilson, Shark And The Basement Heaters - Make It Reggae
 Wilson, Spanky - Kissing My Love
 Wilson, Spanky - Light My Fire
 Wilson, Spanky - You (Mothers 1310)
 Winnfield, Raymond - Things Could Be Better (Fordom 108) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Winstons, The - Amen, Brother (Metromedia MMS 117)
 Wolfbagger, Harvey & The Felchers - Get On The Good Foot [Contributor: James Trouble]
 Wonder, Stevie - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours (Tamla Motown TMG966 1970)
 Wonsley, Excell - Groove Penguin (Golden Beam GB Golden BeamGB105/6)
 Woo Woo's - Ooh Ooh! (Hotpie & Candy HCR06 1995)
 Woo Woo's - Spooky Grinder (Hotpie & Candy HCR06 1995)
 Wood Brass & Stell - Hey What's What You Say [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Wooden Glass - Monkey Hips & Rice [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Woods, Chuck - Soul Shingaling (Roulette) [Contributor: Larry Grogan]
 Woods, Ed And The Afro '70 - Cuguzza Zambezi (Yew 1006B) [Contributor: PJ Gray]
 Woods, Ed And The Afro '70 - Mocking Bird Hill (Yew 1006A) [Contributor: PJ Gray]
 World Wonders - Funky Washing Machine
 Wright, Betty - Slip And Do It (Alston 3718 1975)
 Wright, Charles - Soul Train [Contributor: Eric Rice (Safety Pup)]
 Wright, Lonzine - I've Been Searchin' (Tri Spin TS1011 1973)
 Wright, Milton - Ooh Ooh I Like It (Alston 3727 1976) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Wylie, Ross D - Do The Uptight (Festival FK 3255) [Contributor: john stapleton]

Esquires Now, The - Have A Party

House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free Pt1

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Garvin, Rex & The Mightycravers - Strange Happenings


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