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The Soul Seven
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Hill, Robbie's Family Affair - All In The Family

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Sweet Les - Sweet Potato, Collard Greens

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Soul Unlimited - Sagittarius

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Salt - Hung Up 

Label: Choctaw
Ref: 101
Rating: 8.59
Votes: 29
Oct 25 2006 5:44PM by andrey
one of my favourite tracks! eternal poetry...

Jun 22 2006 1:24AM by MrLink
Dope track, The Nextmen used it with Ty on vocals which is def worth a listen

Jun 14 2006 8:36AM by shinta Lo
DJ SHADOW and CUT CHEMIST played this track!
so I like it!

Apr 10 2006 2:26PM by BAZ
damn! somebody pays ~$4000 on ebay to own original vg++ copy....

Oct 11 2005 11:44AM by Tim
Its a great track, though quite expensive due to rareity.

Sep 17 2005 11:01PM by DJ Slice
Wow. Now I know what Klever and Shotgun used on their battle record.

Dec 5 2004 10:35PM by matt
yeah the intro bangs a plus the drums sound hot. am I the only who is bothered by the bass player kind of sucking. what the hell is he doing on that turnaround.

Sep 11 2004 3:10PM by Jonthedj
You can cop the Milk-001 Re-Issue at for 6.00 pounds . Don't Overpay on eBay.

Aug 26 2004 6:41AM by matt mcarthur
In case anyone had missed it, this was also re-issued as a 45 on the Milk label (milk-001) along with Lou Courtney's "Hey Joyce"

Jun 25 2004 10:33AM by DEkNOW
The drums are what make this track so dirty.

Sep 28 2003 5:57AM by Soundbar
Comped on Groove Vibrations GV 001.

Sep 15 2003 7:22PM by Carlo Sesto
It has been comped on the following cd:Artist: Various Artists (Soul Jazz)
Album: New Orleans Funk and Soul: Saturday Night Fish Fry
Label: Soul Jazz

Sep 11 2003 10:54PM by tramp
OK.....REAL DEFINITELY gonna flip that i need to find it first I know i'm gonna have a hard time gettin the 45...are there any comps that included it

Jun 23 2003 10:59AM by Izaac Minetti Tolbert
its ok, nothin 2 scream about...

Jan 3 2003 11:56PM by laurah
"gots ta be funky!"

Jun 1 2002 2:38PM by Florian Keller
this 45 was mastered by mastercraft in memphis-tennessee. flipside "i can't believe" produced by h+l (not hugo and luigi as i suppose, but who knows) composed by l. jones.

one box of maybe 100 copies -the whole pressing as i guess- of the 45 appeared in new orleans about 10 years ago

Apr 8 2002 5:29PM by Krisna Best
that shit is bangin.

Feb 1 2002 7:19AM by Siepo
Mamamia! Love the way Diamond D flipped it as well.

Nov 6 2000 9:18PM by kevin
thats what im talkin about... so hard i gotta see a doctor afterward

Carleen & The Groovers - Can We Rap 

Label: CJB
Ref: MV221
Rating: 8.38
Votes: 29
Jun 3 2003 8:01PM by DigginFunk
[Clary Butler - Winall BMI]
Recording date unknown, perhaps 1972
Engineer: Joel Johnson
Leonard Chisholm [saxophone]
Clary Butler [trumpet, vocals]
David Stevens [bass]
John Scott [guitar]
Carleen Jean Butler [drums]

Produced by Clary Butler
Originally released on CJB single MW-221

Gaturs - Gaitor Bait 

Label: Gatur
Ref: G510
Rating: 8.24
Votes: 29
Jan 8 2008 10:23AM by 45_prince
not Gaitor...

Aug 19 2007 12:32AM by Ericka Schiche
The Gatur Records label was owned by Ulis Gaines and Wilson Turbinton. The name of the label represents a fusion of the first few letters of each owner's last name. The label office was on N. Robertson Street in New Orleans.

Jan 24 2007 6:01PM by P-Love77
The song sampled by Bulljun for the track
"Sho' Nuff"

Oct 26 2005 4:21AM by Bo Custer
This track was either closely copied or sampled (unsure because of quality) by Greyboy on the "Freestylin'" album. I'm not sure which because of the quality of the clip. Not sure which track exactly (can't find my disk), think perhaps "On The Strip."

Nov 4 2004 9:06AM by Colin Thorne
A VG++ copy went for $102.50 (55.66GBP) on ebay 28 October 2004.

Jun 2 2004 9:25AM by IronR
features Wilson (Willie Tee) turbington (keybord) and his brother Earl ((saxes)

you can find this track on the recommnded "new orleans funk compilation"
try to get the reedited "wasted" Gaturs album, easily findable

Sep 4 2003 10:48PM by DigginFunk
Gator Bait BPM: 110
b/w Wasted BPM: 119

Mar 12 2002 1:20AM by Nate Wheeler
Also appears on the Funky Delicacies comp "A Fistful o' Funky Delicacies."

Mar 9 2002 11:21PM by DJ Clove
This 45 is backed with the wah-wah Shaft-sounding work-out "Wasted". Both tracks were penned by Willie "Tee" Turbington, the group's keyboard player.

Aug 2 2000 5:26PM by Tomas
You can find this one on the various artists comp. The Sound Of Funk volume 2. from the Goldmine /Soul Supply label.

Fabulous Originals - It Ain't Fair But It's Fun Pt1&2 

Label: Jewel
Ref: 10215
Rating: 8.03
Votes: 29
Sep 2 2005 3:19AM by Eric B.
This track can be found on the Jazzman Compilation "Midwest Funk".

Sep 29 2004 4:58AM by Colin Thorne
Original Jewel Records copy in M- condition sold on ebay for $575 (317.21GBP) 23 September 2004

Fabulous Mark III - Psycho Pt 1 

Label: Twink TR
Ref: TwinkTR100-2
Rating: 8
Votes: 29
May 3 2007 4:17PM by Ericka Schiche
This 45 was released in 1972 on James Polk's Twink label. "Psycho" was produced by Larry Hargrove and was recorded at Lone Star Studios.

Sep 2 2005 3:09AM by Eric B.
This fantastic track can be found on the (Jazzman) or (Now-Again Records)compilations called "Texas Funk".

Nov 6 2000 9:08PM by kevin
damn does someone have a fire extinguisher, i think my ass just caught fire! whew!

TMGs - The Hatch 

 Rating: 7.97
Votes: 29
Sep 1 2005 2:36AM by Eric B.
This one's also on the "Midwest Funk" Comp. From Now-Again records.

Jan 8 2005 3:34PM by Russ Alexander
Recorded in 1967, only a few original 45s were pressed, and it was the sole release on the Soul Shake label. It gathered little, exposure outside of western Michigan until 40 years later when it would become one of the rarest and most desirable funk 45s. The hatch can be found on the Vital Organs Comp put out by Fine Wine, also rereleased on Funk45 Label(Jazzman).

Jacobs, Eddy Exchange - Pull My Coat 

Label: Columbia
Ref: 44821
Year: 1969
Rating: 7.97
Votes: 29
Jan 24 2007 6:32PM by P-Love77
Recently reissued by Jazzman Records.
Arranger is Harry Whitaker, who plays piano for Roy Ayers and Black Renaissance.

Jun 21 2002 5:19PM by Leon West
I managed to get a Radio Station copy, catalogue number JZSP 150471 white label with red print and the big pale blue A letter on Side A (believe it or not). The B Side is "Black Is Black" and is a soul mover.

Dec 12 2001 10:39PM by Josh B
Written, Arranged and Conducted by Eddie Jacobs and Harry Whitaker.
Produced by Billy Jackson. Bargyle Music BMI. Thanks Miles!

Bad Medicine - Trespasser Pt1 

Label: Enyx
Ref: EN002
Year: 1974
Rating: 7.97
Votes: 29
Sep 2 2007 3:26AM by Ericka Schiche
This record was written by Arthur Lane, engineered by George I. Day, arranged by Bad Medicine and produced by Arthur Lane and William "Sugarbear" Armstrong.

Jan 24 2007 5:57PM by P-Love77
Sample used by Limp Bizkit "The Key" in 2005.

Oct 11 2005 11:51AM by Tim
Trespasser was recorded in the Dayson Recording Studio in New York in 1974. This record is incredibly hard to get hold of but has been recently repressed due to demand. All the band members were white, which is quite unusual, here are the list of artists on the track. John Crocitti piano, David Morton saxophone, Tom Corradino guitar, Harry Rado guitar rhythm, Greg Johnson bass, Richard Clarke drums, George Day moog synthesizer.

Pike, Dave Set - Mathar 

Label: MPS
Ref: 3115ST
Contributor: ubeyde
Rating: 7.9
Votes: 29
Jul 8 2006 4:01AM by DJ Funkaholic
Dave Pike has been a consistently active percussionist over the past 40 years, specializing in vibraphone and marimba. During the 60s Dave Pike toured with HERBIE MANN and The sitar on this recording was played by famous german MPS label and dave pike set musician VOLKER KRIEGEL. Dave pike recently recorded the Album PELIGROSO with BOBBY MATOS on rhythm section!

Jan 21 2004 3:49PM by DigginFunk
This bangin' example of Sitar/Indian Funk can also be found on the compilation LP:
Sitar Beat v.1 (Indian Style Heavy Funk)
I am not sure about the label, but under an indians head it says "Soul"

Mar 13 2002 10:33PM by Nate Wheeler
Recorded in 1969. Appeared on the LP "Noisy Silence, Gentle Noise." Recently reissued on 7" by the SevenUp label.

Bo, Eddie - The Hook & Sling Pt1 

Label: Scram
Rating: 7.9
Votes: 29
Sep 4 2003 10:41PM by DigginFunk
Ref: SCR117

My copy is the green label. The original has a blue label, and I think shares the same ref.

BPM Pt1: 96.5
BPM Pt2: 97

Sep 3 2002 12:03AM by Hoon Wai
James Black on drums.

May 1 2001 12:31PM by Paul B
1969 I think

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Getto Kitty - Stand Up And Be Counted

House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free Pt1

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Lynn, Barbara - I'm A Good Woman


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