contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Hill, Robbie's Family Affair - All In The Family

Top Audio Contributors
Tobias Kirmayer (107)
Ian Wright (94)
Jazzman Gerald (67)
Jimi Dynamite (61)
Rainer Windisch (56)
LeSpam (47)
Keb Darge (40)
Phillip Lehman (37)
Florian Keller (36)
Malcolm Catto (33)

Sweet Les - Sweet Potato, Collard Greens

Top Info Contributors
Daniel Williams (303)
cudasoul (263)
Jugganaut (182)
Josh B (147)
Ericka Schiche (131)
Brian Poust (128)
BAZ (120)
Larry Grogan (119)
Eric B. (100)
DigginFunk (89)

Soul Unlimited - Sagittarius

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2. cudasoul (23 audio 263 info)
3. Jugganaut (182 info)  Record Collector and DJ from Bonn Germany! Soul, Funk and related material + + + Check out our Web Site with a huge record lp cover gallery... Keep Good Music alive!
4. Josh B (8 audio 147 info) DJ B.cause-San Francisco (funk 45s, hip-hop, and breaks of all genres!)
5. Larry Grogan (28 audio 119 info)  If you get a chance check out the new Funky 16 Corners web zine.
6. Tobias Kirmayer (107 audio 30 info)  funk 45/LP collector and DJ since 1993, I am spinning everything between rare funk, raw soul, boogaloo, latin and also triphop, nu-jazz and hip-hop
7. Brian Poust (3 audio 128 info)  RHYTHM and BOOZE: 3rd Saturday of each month with resident DJ Tim Lawrence + guests for a night of gritty r+b, hard soul and drunken debauchery. El Myr, Euclid Ave, Atlanta GA.
8. Ericka Schiche (131 info)
9. BAZ (120 info) / / /  hello everyone! i'm from russia, saint-petersburg. i'm playin hiphop, trip-hop, jazz and all that damn pretty funk 45s! thanks to all audio and info contributors on this site! you know, i've listen all 2562 files... 8) peace from ru
10. LeSpam (47 audio 56 info)  dj out of miami fla, collection with an emphasis on miami cuts.. also into collecting latin, miami bass etc.. etc.. etc...
11. Eric B. (100 info) I hope my few meager contributions will steer people, who wish to know where they get 'THAT PARTICULAR TRACK', in the direction of a compilation that has the Track in Question.
12. Ian Wright (94 audio 1 info)
13. DigginFunk (89 info)  So many little time.
14. Florian Keller (36 audio 44 info)  Funk Dj and collector for 15 Years now. I love GOOD Music, not rare music - although some of the superrare are supergood for sure... Check the website and listen to a whole Clubnight in 4 Real Audio files I regularrely do along with Jan Weissenfeldt
15. Rainer Windisch (56 audio 15 info)
16. Leon West (3 audio 65 info)
17. Jazzman Gerald (67 audio)
18. Tim Henderson (25 audio 37 info) funk/soul dj representing Queen City Rockers from the home of funk: Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm currently seeking 45's on the Soul Sauce label.
19. Jimi Dynamite (61 audio)
20. Soundbar (29 audio 23 info)  Eric Kursiefen - Record Collector and DJ in Cologne.
21. DJ Clove (10 audio 40 info) aka dj clove, spinning funk/jazz, Brasilien, Latin, deep house, and abstract beats.
22. James Trouble (18 audio 27 info)  Trouble is as Trouble does.
23. Luc Heymans (28 audio 16 info) Great site, the best I've ever seen. The many samples are a great help to collectors of funk. I'll send an email with some mp3's attached that might be of interest to funk lovers. Regards. Luc
24. Keb Darge (40 audio)
25. djsoulcracker (7 audio 31 info) Funk collecting, web developing, bass playing, and DJ'ing big beats/breaks in Brooklyn. Currently seeking: "Feeling Nice" by Clarence Curvan.
26. Phillip Lehman (37 audio)
27. ubeyde (28 audio 7 info) FUNK AND JAZZ DJ FROM BREMEN Germany.
28. P-Love77 (34 info)  To invoke Florian Keller "I love GOOD Music, not rare music - although some of the superrare are supergood for sure..." I'm mainly collecting rare grooves but these music not exactly rare it must be atmosphere and between funk, jazz and soul... For an
29. Malcolm Catto (33 audio)
30. Paul B (32 info)
31. Scott Craig (22 audio 5 info)
32. katzimella (27 info) Collecting And Spinning Records since 1996. Funk, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Psychedelic 60-Nuggets, Electro...
33. Ed Griffiths (26 audio)  Who could miss an opportunity to help out with the best funk 45 site on the Web...
34. jtoro74 (25 info) I like records...
35. simon gibbard (24 audio) Breaks and beats is my bag. I wore holes in twinsets of funky drummer and funky nassau 45s by breakbeating them. Not recommended.
36. john stapleton (23 audio) Based in Bristol...
37. John Item (Australia) (5 audio 16 info)  always up for a trade. check my trade website. spinnin funk 45s and lps since 1993.
38. earthecho (21 audio)
39. Eric Rice (Safety Pup) (16 audio 3 info)  Listen to my online radio show "Soul Fu." We air each week from 8 to 10 PM pacific at Or check out my blog for play lists and downloads
40. J. Silverman (18 audio)
41. DJ Soul Sister (18 info)  Called "The Queen of Rare Groove." Rare groove and deep funk radio DJ and host of Soul Power on WWOZ FM in New Orleans for nearly 10 years. Also major collector of late 60s-early 80s rare groove, funk, soul, disco, jazz, go-go, and hip hop on vinyl. On
42. breakbeatpete37 (18 info)
43. BlackMagic (16 audio 1 info)
44. Nate Wheeler (2 audio 14 info)  DJ on 91 Slop, 91.1 FM WRVU Nashville, TN - Friday 10pm-midnight CST - funk/deep soul/jazz/psych/reggae classics/etc.
45. Jason (14 audio 2 info)
46. djblender (16 info)
47. 45_prince (16 info)
48. david harris (15 audio)
49. Aaron D. Anderson (9 audio 6 info)
50. Christian Mikkelsen (14 info)
51. Jeff S. Bandit (14 info) Funk 45 collector from Austin, TX. Send me your 45 trade list and I'll send you mine. Thanks.
52. David Richardson (13 audio 1 info)
53. Poopstix (2 audio 11 info) Your Friend Nate SD
54. Tim (13 info) I just cannot get enough funk, my favourite band of all time has to be Kashmere Stage Band. Got into funk 45s through Brainfreeze, my most prized records has to be the original test pressing of Professor and Efficiency experts 7inch gotta stand for someth
55. davidlgordon (12 info)
56. Peter Wermelinger (12 audio)
57. Colin Thorne (12 info)
58. L.C.H (11 info) Just your average collector...
59. PJ Gray (9 audio 2 info)
60. Dean (11 info) don't collect 45's anymore.
61. Will Holland (7 audio 4 info)  Dj/Musician/Producer
62. Daisuke Kuroda (11 audio)
63. high-c (5 audio 6 info)  Hi. Visit my website plees.
64. J R Mullett (11 info)  Why are you reading this. I'm really boring. Do your self a favour, go to my website and look at label scans (if I've done any work on the site recently). Then buy a copy of 'Reign In Blood' and listen to it at max volume, thru your head phones. Peace.
65. MARIO ALDINI (10 audio) 30 years, I am collecting RARE SOUL 60 s/70 s records like: JAMES BROWN - POPCORN OLDIES - FUNK 80 s - LATIN JAZZ and many more I have a collection of more than 2000 45RPM SINGLES AND 33T ALBUMS (ALL ORIGINAL US LABEL) Record shows no scra
66. Ryan R. (10 info)
67. Mat Griesse (10 info) funk collector in seattle
68. Krafty (10 info)  Keen Collector and Rookie DJ. I've manufactured Pro Steel 45 Adapters for fans/DJs- see website :)
69. Jonthedj (10 info) I am a hip hop producer/ dj with a huge fetish for soul and funk 45's.
70. funkyscrew (10 info)  collector since 1980, soul funk afro 45/lp and I am a fan of James brown, right on james brown
71. DJ Funkaholic (9 info)  60s and 70s Funk Rare Grooves Nu Jazz and Break Beats Collector and DJ from Germany
72. Funk jrs Pa (9 audio)
73. Per M (9 info) Representing REKO! Uppsala, Sweden.
74. jay (9 info) I'm searching, searching..searchin'..
75. axis (9 audio)
76. FuseOne (8 info) DJ FuseOne - Hip Hop, Funk, Rare Groove DJ from the Bay Area,CA Check out my new mix CD featuring D-Styles, Excess, Melo-D, Mike Boo and Ricci Rucker - irREGULAR i - in stores now!!!
77. Dean Bradley (8 info)
78. Jared Hasbrouck (8 info) Still a novice in this game, but I am down for looking at anybody's selling or want lists to see if I can help. Feel free to e-mail me. Peace.
79. Russ Alexander (8 info) Testify! Philadelphia Funk/Soul Night. Check it out if you are in town!
80. locke (8 info)  i just love funk and soul!!!!
81. Mr Fantastic (7 info) Bristol based DJ/beat maker. If you're like me, you buy records even if it means eating beans on toast for a week! Why are the best records the rarest - it's not fair!
82. Ayana Contreras (7 info) i'm based across the pond in Chicago... I've deejayed for seven years, and my passion spins at 33 and one third rpm. My first two albums were "You've Made Me so Very Happy" by Lou Rawls (Capitol 1970), and "Double Dynamite" by Sam and Dave (stax 1966). O
83. tom noble (7 info)
84. primitive sound system (3 audio 4 info)
85. kevin (7 info)
86. novasol (7 info)
87. Q-Mutat (7 info)  Funk Collector and DJ since 1992 in Hamburg (Ger). Musician-Producer with several Funk Projects.Keep On.
88. gu (6 info)  a friend of music from bremen, germany
89. KeroOne (4 audio 2 info)
90. jamiebuckingham (4 audio 2 info)
91. TKingJr (6 info)
92. Pablo de la Cruz (1 audio 5 info)
93. slopoke (6 info) San Francisco's Funky Cabron
94. Jason Daniels (6 info)
95. Marc Grandison (6 info)
96. Mr Hibbs (6 info)  Hip Hop producer for Freight Corp and a self confessd 45 junkie. Check the above site or (the label) for release dates and info. Please. Ta
97. matt mcarthur (5 info)
98. dj slopoke (5 info) the funky cabron
99. Thomas Zloch (5 audio) out of Berlin, Germany
100. DJ Crash and Burn (5 info)
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Getto Kitty - Stand Up And Be Counted

House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free Pt1

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Lynn, Barbara - I'm A Good Woman


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